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The Munros

There are 283 Munros in Scotland, named after Sir Hugh Munro who had the idea to climb all of the 3000 ft mountains in Scotland. The latest list of Munros, peaks of 3000ft plus, totals 283 with a further 227 tops. These figures do change, as mountains are re-surveyed and heights are more accurately measured.

What is clear is that people enjoy lists and although there will continue to be arguments about whether or not a particular mountain is a Munro, there is no doubt that if you "bag" just one, or complete all 283 you wuill be enriched by the experience.

We have listed the Munros according to the Scottish Mountaineering Club's geographical areas. Within each area the Munros are listed alphabetically, with the individual listings showing the Munro name, altitude in feet and metres and height rank along with the Ordnance Survey and Harvey maps featuring the mountain.

  Volume 1: Southern, Central and Western Highlands  Volume 2: Northern Highlands and Cairngorms  

Walking in the Munros volumes 1 and 2

Published by Cicerone, these two books provide detailed route descriptions around each of the 283 Munros (all the popular routes included), with a sketch map for each route, a comprehensive introduction to the history of the Munros and vital practical information to make your quest as successful as possible.
All routes are prefaced by a wealth of information about Gaelic names, accommodation and access. The books contain 10-figure grid refererences for key points such as summits and the start points of awkward descent lines. Travel and other information on making the most of your walks and your stay in the area is also included.