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Lincolnshire Waterways

Covering Fossdyke, River Witham, Slea, Horncastle Canal, Witham Navigable Drains and the Black Sluice Navigation.

Boating The Fossdyke and the River Witham form a route giving access to the Slea Navigation and the enigmatic Witham Navigable Drains, a network where another moving boat may not be seen - even on a hot August Bank Holiday. Since early 2009 access to the Black Sluice Navigation at Boston has been possible. Richlow has boated this new route, and added it to this book.

Walking and Cycling A new path, the Water Rail Way, has been created between Lincoln and Boston. Using the route of a disused railway, the path runs alongside the River Witham. Completed in early 2009, the path is clearly marked on the maps in this book.

Authors: John Lower and Christine Richardson     Publisher: Richlow

56 pages     Size: A5     Spiral bound with plastic cover
Published 2008, frequently updated
ISBN-13: 9780955260957

Lincolnshire Waterways
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